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A Man of Action

by Dove


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Will/Norrington    Full Header


"What did you think you were doing, James?" Will's voice hissed against his ear like lit gunpowder. "You didn't imagine, not for a moment, that I'd let that slide. So what, I wonder, were you trying to accomplish?" The second question was much calmer and more composed, but by no means less dangerous.

It was during moments such as this that James could truly appreciate Will's uncivilized ancestry. The same ruthlessness, the same flagrant disregard for rules and custom so central to the pirate life were alive and well in Will.

The hand in his hair tightened and twisted cruelly. After a few excruciating moments, James yielded to what was being asked (demanded) of him, and fell to his knees, arms loose at his sides.

"Don't move, don't you dare move," Will growled, and there was a tremor in his voice that worried James. He'd never seen Will so close to the edge of rationality before--had he pushed too far this time? Trying to apologize at this point was surely useless, and likely to make things worse.

Will's hand slid out of James's hair and he backed away. James wanted to follow, with his eyes if nothing else, but didn't dare provoke him further.

"Not the only man who cares for her?" James had known, of course, what this was about, but he still felt a cold spike of apprehension (regret?) in his gut to hear Will name it. "So you care for Elizabeth. Tell me, James," Will whispered, his voice startlingly close again, "do you really think she'll have you when she knows I already have?"

No. James gasped. No, he wouldn't--he whipped round to face Will. "Will, you can't--"

Strong, calloused fingers on his jaw wrenched his face front again and cut off his words. "Don't you even think of telling me what I can and cannot do," Will warned, and the tremor was even stronger than before. "Don't you--God, look at you. Even now, you want it. You're trembling for it."

Will's darkly amused tone was far too knowing, and James shut his eyes against it, knowing even still that his face would betray him. "Please," he whispered, and could not say what he was asking for.

"Please what?" Will would always push. "Please don't tell her? Please stop? Or--please don't stop?" James could hear him moving, tracked his voice as it circled around behind him, paused, and slowly moved to stand in front of James. "Maybe it's more. Please more? Please touch me? Please fuck me, is that it, James?"

"Please," again, was all James could manage, hardly more than a breath. Surely not a soul in Port Royal would have recognized that pitiful, mewling voice as belonging to the great Commodore Norrington--none, of course, but the one who could wring that voice from him.

"Even as you sit there, damning yourself for it, praying I won't tell Elizabeth," James flinched at her name, and Will chuckled, "you still want it." Will paused for a moment, and James tried desperately to think of Elizabeth, the law, something, anything but how achingly hard he was. "You can touch me, if you want." James's eyes flew open to take in Will's face--self-satisfied smile, unreadable eyes. "It's all right. But I'm not going to touch you--this is yours. Admit you want me, touch me, and I'll give you what you need."

James stared at Will, speechless and uncertain, but Will simply stood in front of him with an expectant look on his face. And what a choice--give in, and be damned, and lose the woman he loved, or resist, and deny himself that which every part of him burned for.

No, he thought, he would not do this again. Bad enough when they were younger; it was long past time to put a stop to this--vile weakness. Surely Will would understand, he thought as he wrapped his hands around Will's hips and drew him closer. Surely he knew it had to end, and that was why he was giving James a way out, he reasoned as his fingers scrabbled at the buttons on Will's breeches. Yes, he thought, drawing out Will's erection and stroking lightly, it was the only way.

"James." Though it carried an undeniable warning note, Will's voice was unexpectedly tender, and his fingers were soft against the curve of James's face. James raised his eyes and saw a nebulous question in Will's, and in answer, he lowered his head and carefully took Will into his mouth.

"Ah, fuck," snarled Will, and then all hint of tenderness was gone. His hands (always shockingly large--Will never seemed as big as he really was) wrapped around James's head and he thrust roughly into his mouth. Although the scrape of teeth against his cock did not seem to bother Will, James stretched his jaw further to prevent it happening again.

Will took his pleasure from James with no thought for reciprocation, no consideration of James, no intent but to take as much sensation from the encounter as possible. Will's hands tightened painfully around James's skull and his cock scraped against James's throat, and James moaned helplessly, knowing he should have resisted, knowing he would yield just as easily the next time.

The taste of Will's seed in his mouth was more bitter than before, and James couldn't say if that was objectively true, or merely the contribution of his battered conscience. He swallowed eagerly just the same, and licked Will clean as he pulled his softening cock from James's mouth.

Will stepped away, calmly rearranging his clothing. Surely, thought James, surely he doesn't mean to just leave me like this...

"No, James, I'd best be off. Not the time for rash actions and all, and I know you have all kinds of careful Navy planning to do. Meanwhile, the woman we both care for is in the hands of a pirate, and I mean to do something about it." Will paused with his hand on the door. "Unless you mean to stop me?"

James closed his eyes. Frustrated desire aside, he knew quite well how Will intended to help Miss Swann, and it was his duty to stop the jailbreak. But could he in good conscience do so, knowing that Miss Swann's life was on the line? No.

He opened his eyes to tell Will as much, and found himself facing an empty room.


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