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by Dove


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Jack/Will    Full Header


"I'm serious, Jack, I've had enough. I've tried talking to you about this but you just don't seem to get it. I've tried begging. I've tried threats. I've tried bunking below decks with the men. Nothing works."

Jack cocked his head, the affectation making him look very much like his namesake. "Will, me love, I still think you're making a great deal out of nothing. You're overreacting, that's all."

"You sent me to your cabin, Jack, like some errant child," Will hissed through his teeth. "I'm a pirate, not a wayward nursery charge."

"I was just trying to keep you safe! Battles are dangerous, you know. Wouldn't want to mar your pretty skin like mine," Jack made a vague gesture at his right shoulder.

Will rolled his eyes. "I'll never be safe if the crew sees me as weak, Jack, and you completely undermined any credibility I had with them! I'm not a child, nor a woman, to be sent below when things might get ugly. Have you any idea how humiliating that was?"

Jack stammered, backing away as Will advanced toward him. Will knew that he and Jack were near enough to the same height, but he still managed to loom satisfactorily over Jack. "Now... William... I'm your captain... and I've got responsibilities..."

"Shut up, Jack." Will clapped a hand over Jack's mouth and grabbed his fluttering wrists with the other. "Maybe, what you need, is to feel a little humiliation yourself. Maybe then you'll see my point." Jack's wide, worried eyes sent a thrill through Will's body, and he felt a cloudy heat fogging his mind.

Will stepped back, dragging Jack with him, and sat down on the bed. "This must be fixed between us, Jack, or we'll kill each other. It's for your own good, really." He tugged the pirate closer. "If I let you go, will you be quiet? Or will I have to stop your mouth?"

Will's hand slipped from Jack's mouth enough to let him answer. "William, what are you--" and then the strong, calloused hand was back.

"Ah, Jack. Silent as the grave, alright?"

Jack nodded warily.

Will gestured to his lap. "Come here, Jack."

Jack's eyes narrowed and he tried to pull away. "I don't think so, mate," he muttered.

Will tsked at him, and the sound might have been playful but for the menace in his eyes. That's twice, Jack. Don't make me tell you third time—I want you quiet for a change."

Still, Jack hung back. Will sighed and yanked him forward, the sharp jerk pulling him off-balance. Will took advantage of Jack's stumble to pull him down and across his legs.

"Better," Will declared. He shifted Jack's hands around so that he was holding them both behind Jack's back, pinned with his left hand. His right snaked around and unbuttoned Jack's trousers, then pushed them down around his knees. "Much better."

Jack's breath was coming and going in shallow, irregular jerks and gasps. Will thought that, just maybe, he'd managed to actually frighten his captain. He had no intention of assuaging that fear.

Will stroked his hand over Jack's exposed bottom, taking a moment to appreciate smooth skin, golden even where it was untouched by the sun.

The first slap startled Will, as though he hadn't quite decided to go through with it. The impact of flesh on flesh echoed through the quiet cabin, adding fuel to the fire burning in Will's brain.

For his part, Jack jerked at the sting, swallowing a breath and biting on his lip. To his credit, and Will's frustration, he made no sound.

"For your own good," Will repeated, and then fell to the punishment with an alacrity that alarmed him as much as it did Jack.

His hand rose and fell almost of its own volition, and it seemed to Will that the rhythmic motion was driven by Jack's convulsive twitching, bucking against Will's thighs with every landed blow. As he watched the golden skin turn first pink, then red, Will felt his anger and frustration with Jack ebb, washed away by the growing lust.

"Have we reached an understanding yet, Jack?" His voice was low and rough, sounding predatory and unfamiliar in his own ears.

"Will, please..." Jack issued a ragged moan that shot through Will's brain like lightning.

"No more coddling?" he punctuated the question with another firm slap, and Jack responded beautifully, arching his back and pressing his stiff cock against Will's leg.

"No more--" *slap* "I swear--" *slap* "William, please!" The sobbing plea pushed Will past the limits of his restraint.

He stood, tumbling Jack face-first onto the bed, and fell on him like a wolf onto a lamb. He stroked the reddened cheeks, then gripped them firmly and squeezed, kneaded, drawing forth a whimpering gasp from Jack. Fueled by this enthusiastic response, Will spat into his palm, hastily smearing his cock before driving it home between Jack’s spread buttocks.

Jack's mewling cries intensified as Will thrust into him harder, further punishing his tender skin with the press of his fingers and the slap of his thighs against Jack's ass.

Sound and sensation quickly overwhelmed Will, and he slid one hand under Jack's belly, fumbling for his cock and stroking once, twice, roughly, and then Jack froze, yowling like a cat in heat as Will finally brought him the release he'd been seeking.

Feeling Jack go limp underneath him, Will released him and strove to his own completion, spilling burst after burst of his hot seed inside him.

In the quiet stillness after, Will lay atop Jack, face buried in his twisted hair.

"I'm sorry, Jack," he whispered into the tangled braids. "I shouldn't have... shouldn't have done that."

There was no answer for long enough that Will began to wonder if Jack was asleep. Then, "Are you going to let me up?"

Will shook his head, then realized Jack couldn't see him. "Not until you promise not to have me flogged for that, Jack."

His voice had been steady, but Jack must've caught the undercurrent of genuine fear, because he twisted around to grin up at Will reassuringly.

"Nah. More your style than mine, obviously." He winked at Will, who managed a tremulous smile. "Besides... was for me own good, really."


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