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by Dove


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: G    Pairing: Will/Elizabeth    Full Header


Without question, Will thinks, the best thing about his new lodgings is the bathtub. He has this thought every time he returns from a practice session, while he peels off sweat-soaked clothing and waits for the tub to cool a bit.

He spends his days going at it hammer and tongs, sometimes with Jack, sometimes with James, sometimes with actual hammer and tongs. Whether he's been making swords or wielding them, though, his aching muscles are always glad for the feel of hot water slipping over his skin. It's a bit like the sea, he thinks--if the sea were a soft, gentle lover instead of a cold, jealous mistress.

Will folds his long, lean body into the warm embrace and drops his head back against the rim, closing his eyes to better feel the steam brushing his face, lifting away the weariness. He can think of nothing better to come home to every day.

He hears no sound, but feels the soft ripple against his chest as the placid surface of the water is broken. Five perfect, delicate toes slide up the inside of his left thigh and remind him, he is a man blessed with something infinitely better than a hot bath.


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