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Seven Kiss Drabbles

by Dove


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG    Pairing: Will, Will, Will    Full Header


One for Sorrow

And after the chills, the crying, the conversations with nobody—with Will’s father, and that was scary—at the end of it all, she was just… gone. No great fanfare to mark her passing, just the midwife pulling the door shut with gentle finality. She would not let him see his mother, and he thought that strange—what was left to fear, after being with her through days of delirium?

“Who will take care of me?” he asked, and the midwife’s daughter kissed his brow softly.

“You must be brave now, William,” she said, and suddenly he wanted to cry.


Two for Joy

“You must,” Elizabeth insisted. “I saved your life.”

“Lieutenant Norrington saved my life,” he argues, although they’ve been over this a hundred times before, and he knows they will go on until her governess finds them and calls Elizabeth home for a lecture on suitable company.

But this time, Elizabeth changes the script. “Besides, only God and his wife should know the deepest secrets of a man’s heart, and I know yours.”

Will nods slowly; this makes sense. “Alright. We’ll marry.”

Elizabeth claps her hands with delight and seals their bargain with a kiss. “It will be wonderful, you’ll see.”


Three for Girls

It was Elizabeth’s fault, really. She was the one who begged him to come out for a moment, saying she had a surprise for him. When he followed her behind the forge he found only Janey, the miller’s daughter—who was no surprise. Will had been seeing her everywhere lately.

Janey was too giggly to hold his interest, but he was fourteen, and it was flattering to be the object of anyone’s affections. That she wanted to kiss him made him want to kiss her back. He enjoyed it, too, until Elizabeth threw a rock at him and stormed off.


Four for Boys

Justin Pratt was not well-liked by the other boys in town. Will knew why he was an outcast himself; too many instances of Elizabeth fiercely defending him against the boys’ cruel taunts. But Justin was clever, charming, and should’ve been popular. He was good company, though, and Will was loathe to question that.

Until one day, after playing at swordfighting until they were both dripping sweat and too wrung-out to continue, “You are too pretty,” Justin said, and kissed him savagely, like a punishment. “You look like a girl.” He pushed Will down and left him panting in the dust.


Five for Silver

Elizabeth slips into the forge like late-afternoon sunlight. Will flushes; he knows he has been caught. The ornate silver butterfly holds her hair up, revealing the graceful curve of her pale throat. Will finds he cannot meet her eyes.

“It’s beautiful,” she says, “but did you think I would not know it was from you? Everyone else insists on gold—my hair, you know.” Will flushes again.

“Silver was all I could af—“ Elizabeth interrupts him with a kiss, her mouth silver quick and warm as gold against his.

“I prefer silver,” she smiles, and slips out the door.


Six for Gold

In the chaos of battle, they moved together flawlessly. Two blades flashed across their palms as one; the coin flew from Jack’s hand to Will’s like a falcon to roost.

In the quiet after, though, everything is awkward and loose. Will doesn’t know where to put his hands, his feet, his eyes.

“You’re a better man than your father, Will Turner,” Jack says. “I’m in your debt now.” Will hears the unspoken offer; thinks of Elizabeth, of Norrington.

“I can’t—“ Jack breaks in with a kiss, surprisingly yielding, undemanding.

“If you should change your mind…”

Will nods. “I know.”


Seven for a Secret, Never to Be Told

When Will appeared in Tortuga, Jack took him on without asking. He did not ask when Will signed the articles, did not ask as Will adjusted to life on the Pearl, became one of the crew.

When the question does come, Will isn’t expecting it.

“Am I going to have the Navy up my arse after you?”

Will laughs, harsh and bitter. “Commodore Norrington is… not inclined to pursue me.”

“Married life keeping him busy?”

Will closes his eyes, remembering the velvet crush of James’s lips underneath his. He doesn’t answer, but when he opens his eyes, Jack is gone.


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