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Through a Glass Darkly

by Dove


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG    Pairing: Jack/Will/Elizabeth    Full Header


Will has never understood her.

She is a little ashamed to admit that she once thought Will lacked the perception to fathom people's motives, their true natures. She thought that Will wasn't good at people, that understanding others was just beyond him. But it isn't true--Will's very perceptive. He just doesn't understand her.

He understands James very well, and she knew this from the moment she saw the sword Will crafted for his promotion ceremony. A work of art, a deadly weapon, a perfect metaphor. James is as fine, as beautiful, as dangerous as the sword, and underneath the gold braid, under the inlaid filigree, he, too, is folded steel. Gilded strength, lethal beauty, and Will had captured him perfectly, gifted him with an extension of his self.

He understands Jack, too, or at least that he doesnít need to understand Jack, only to trust him. Elizabeth still doesnít quite know what to make of Jack, but Will put it together surprisingly quickly. A pirate, and a good man. They understand each other well enough to move together, in perfect unspoken unison. Itís a balancing act that they pull off effortlessly; in battle, in bed, in every aspect of their life, and on her best days, Elizabeth can pretend she isnít envious.

Will understands Anamaria. He treats her not with the deference due a lady, but with the respect due an accomplished sailor and a formidable enemy. She is not his enemy, now, and that is all his doing, not Jack's. He never overtly attempted to impress her, instead going about the business of learning to sail the Pearl. His ability to see his way to what's right and adapt his views as befit the situation gained her grudging respect, and the two now enjoy an only slightly strained camaraderie.

Will even understands the Pearl. She is a mercurial ship, slow to bend to anyone's will and easily lured away by the promise of adventure. He sees Jack's unease whenever Will takes the helm, and soothes both ship and pirate by crooning to her about the exploits she'll be enjoying under Jack's wood-smooth hands.

Will is a perceptive man, but he's never understood Elizabeth. He thought her horrified at his pirate heritage, not seeing that her concern was for his safety. He thought her terrorized by Jack's threats, his pistol at her temple, had never realized that she felt only anger at being seen as nothing more than a bargaining chip. Will thought Elizabeth a delicate, high-born lady, raised in a life of privilege and accustomed to luxury. He thought her, in short, above him.

So it was that Will was surprised, shocked even, when he climbed through her window to say goodbye--and found her waiting, with a small bag of belongings and a short but wicked knife. She can not wield a sword, but will not go among pirates unarmed.

He'd honestly thought she would stay behind; she can see that in his startled eyes. He'd thought she'd settle in for a life of domestic bliss with a marriage appropriate to her station. He'd believed, actually believed that she would let him leave, rather than share him with Jack.

Will is a perceptive man, but he's never understood Elizabeth.


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