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by Dove


Fandom: PoTC RPS    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom    Full Header


Johnny loves him like this, pale and perfect, rising above him like a shaft of moonlight. Orlando's beautiful, just a little too beautiful, and sometimes, Johnny feels more like an observer than a participant. He watches Orlando rise and fall, stretch and fold above him, lost in the rhythm of riding Johnny's cock, and he wants to touch, wants to run his hands over the smooth, bunching skin on Orlando's belly, but feels like he shouldn't interrupt. There's no room for him in this.

Suddenly Orlando's head dips down, he mouths Johnny's chin and his eyes are too bright, too close.

"Where are you?" he asks, and Johnny's abruptly, deeply ashamed that he could be so detached when Orlando's so very there.

"Here, I'm here," he whispers, and slides his hands up over shoulders and neck and into impossibly tangled hair. He pulls, presses Orlando's forehead to his own, and when their eyes meet he lets Orlando see that he's here, that he's come back to this beautiful moment. They've always spoken better without words.

Orlando's happy to stay like this for a little while, moving slowly, eye contact more important, for the moment, than filling that aching need. Then it's too much, and Johnny can feel Orlando straining against his hands.

"Johnny, Johnny pleaseohfuck, please Johnny, I need..." Orlando's voice breaks and bleeds out into an inarticulate whine. Better without words, and Johnny lets him go, lets him sit up and grind himself onto Johnny. He doesn't take his hands off Orlando, just slides them down to feel the slippery twist of his hips under the sweat-slick curve of his spine. There's a whimper and a helpless shudder, and then the hiss of his name.

They're better without words, but some are important. Orlando's chanting his name and as Johnny spills into him, he answers, "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here..."


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