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by Dove and Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth/Will    Full Header


The slide of rain down her back was soft and stinging at the same time, and she couldn't say if the rain was cold or warm but it was definitely wet. Wet, and the air was warm and heavy, but the wind was sharp and cool, and she felt herself being tossed about between them like a seabird buffeted by a sudden storm. Between wind and rain and the warm, solid deck of the Pearl between Jack and Will and the slick press of the rail into her hip. Jack's hands clutched at her waist, Will's hands cupped her breasts, Will's mouth drank rainwater from her lips, Jack's teeth scraped against her neck, Will pressed hard and insistent between her thighs, Jack more patient, pushed against her backside.

She'd wondered, once, if being shared by the two diminished her somehow, made her their plaything and not their partner. Crushed between them, battered by the wind and rain, she wondered if it mattered.

Slowly, Will dipped at the knees, gliding, sliding, upandin. Jack cradled her, steadied her, as the front of her thighs clasped the outer edges of Will's.

She felt the sting of yesterday's sunburn as Jack's nips traveled out across her shoulder. The rain soothed each twinge as soon as it registered.

Will always closed his eyes at first, as if to block out everything that might distract him from the feel of pushing inside her. She always kept hers open, watched his face go first tight and tense, then slack and open, watched the rain bead in his eyelashes and slip down his face like tears.

Watched the silver beads fly as his eyes opened with an almost audible click. His eyes found hers, flew past, sought Jack's, and their mouths met over Elizabeth's shoulder. First Will's tongue, then Jack's teeth, grazed her ear. As Jack watched Will take her, they all three whispered to each other, endearments, assurances, ragged pleas: oh god yes and I love you and mine, mine, both mine.

At some point, she couldn't tell which voice was whose, or to whom each murmur was addressed. That didn't matter, either.

The deluging rainfall soaked everyone's hair, plastering Will's to his forehead as he increased the pace of his thrusts. Jack felt Elizabeth's skin grow hotter against his chest, steaming away the touch of the cooler precipitation with its intensity. Her keening brought him further towards the need that threatened to overwhelm.

"I..." Jack's breath barely gave him room to pant in her dampened ear "...please, luv?" He grazed her jawbone with his lower teeth.

"Want...need...yes..." her husky reply communicated her craving.

Jack reached beneath and caught some of the juices that soaked her hair below. So much, it must be the rain mixing with it. Taking his slickened hand, he slid back towards the other entrance there; stroked with a slippery finger and wordlessly quested for admission.

She opened to him, bearing down onto his hand and blazing heat over his belly from the flushed skin at the small of her back. Jack's fingertips slid forward, brushed Will's balls, while his thumb massaged Elizabeth, just barely entering her there, keeping time with Will's motion.

Will was harbor; Jack was ocean. She needed the pair of them, together. "Both of you.... please..." Elizabeth gasped out.

Will stilled in her, steadied her in turn, giving her anchor on the passion-tossed sea of stimulation. "Oil?" he murmured to Jack.

"No need o'that," Jack grinned a golden flash, reached and grasped the base of Will's cock, and tugged downandout. "Just a fer moment, mate?" Will slipped out of her, and Jack's cock quickly replaced him for a brief, searing moment of differing angle and differing sensations; then Jack was out and Will in again. Elizabeth reached back with her palms, tugged Jack closer, wanting more.

Jack gave her two more quick, moistening swipes with his thumb, and then sought the rear opening with his slippery cock.

Searthrobfill as Will held her against him, safe and sure.

Then the world turned sideways for Elizabeth, as both of her men began to move. Again, it was like being tossed about between them, rocked by a sudden squall, but this time she was not a keening gull but rather a swaying palm. Anchored in the earth, reaching for the sky, water coursing down them all in sheets as the rain intensified in a mirror of their passionate embrace.

Will, teetering on the brink of ecstasy for far too long, stopped moving. Jack did not. The sensation of the other man's cock, stroking his own from inside his love's body...


Jack watched Will's face shift from something akin to pain, on into pure relief. As Will spent himself within her, Elizabeth felt her own wavecrest approach and drown her senses in a tide of red and gold and blue. Muscles clenching around him and inarticulate whimpering torn from two throats tipped Jack over the edge of the precipice to follow them both on the long plummet downward.


"Well, now," Gibbs turned from his position at the helm to chuckle at Anamaria, over his left shoulder, "weren't that a pretty sight?"

"Bah! Morals of cats!" Anamaria spat on the decking, and turned her shoulder away again, blocking the view of the three nude figures, clutching and panting on the foredeck of the Pearl.

Gibbs was consumed by mirth, eyes a-twinkle. "Ah, now, Ana. That's hardly fair of ye. Ye must admit ye've ne'er seen a trio o'cats get up to that sort o'shenanigans?

In spite of herself, Anamaria laughed.


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