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Appease the Heathen Gods Challenge


Pirate Hurt/Comfort Challenge

Once upon a time (19 December 2003, to be exact) Circe Tigana had a brilliant idea. She proposed that Pirate fans write drabbles to appease the Heathen Gods - one for each of the 882 pieces of gold in that stone chest, telling how that piece was recovered.

Inspired madness ensued. Brilliant, funny, dark, creepy, fluffy.... Slash, gen, PoTC, plus any crossover one could imagine (and several nobody could imagine!) Eight hundred ninety-six entries logged, so far, on Circe's LiveJournal, here.

We, of course, leapt on the bandwagon. Don't say you're surprised!

  Then there was the time, back in April 2004, when Linaelyn decided we all needed to write Hurt/Comfort drabbles and another challenge was born.

Yep, you guessed it - more inspired lunacy than you can shake a stick at. (What is it about challenges that makes PoTC writers so giddy?)

Anyway, you can see the LiveJournal entry by Linaelyn that started it all, here.






We collected our Heathen Gods Drabbles here, and they can also be found on our individual drabble pages. We have color-coded the page so you can tell who wrote which:   And our collected Hurt/Comfort drabbles also have their own page, here. And this is color-coded by author.
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