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by Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: R    Pairing: Norrington/another man    Full Header


James hated the need for subterfuge but what alternative existed? Discretion, certainly, but the bald-faced lies, those rankled. "I have sensitive crown business to attend to. You are dismissed," he said to the appurtenant Marines; they saluted and left the Commodore's office suite.

It was but a moment before he arrived. He must have been watching for the soldiers' exit.

"Alone at last," the other man said after sliding the bolt home on the solid door. "It's been far too long."

James had already drawn the drapes, tossed aside his coat and vest, and was hurriedly shucking out of his stockings and breeches. "Far too long, indeed." As he struggled with the pins holding his wig in place, he found himself encircled in long arms.

"Leave it on for once, will you?" Deft fingers stroked up and down his spine.

"Won't it become untidy?" James shivered a little, despite the heat, then went to work on the man's buttoned breeches. He ran his fingers through the hair, slid eager palm over the already-firm member.

The man gasped, "We'll be careful."

"I can hardly explain a destroyed wig, midday." James dropped to his knees and licked.

"Then don't explain. Rank hath its privileges."


 Author's note: Whom did you see as the other man? Why? Just playing with the possibilities, here.


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