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by Linaelyn


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Bo'sun always enjoyed a good session of "information extraction", as Captain Barbossa liked to call it. Reaching beneath the table, Bo'sun lifted out a small strongbox, made of thick ironwood planking and wrapped in metal bands.

He jangled the keys at his waist, inserted one in the enormous padlock on the strongbox, and flashed his teeth at his victim. The Spaniard before him looked strong and hostile. It would probably take him a long time to break.

Bo'sun turned the hasp in the lock, and lifted the lid. The stench of rotting human flesh filled the air.

The Spanish captive's eyes flew wide when he saw the contents of the box.


Human hands, severed at the wrist. Dozens of them. Nearly all of them right hands, but on the very top, a single left hand, adorned with jeweled rings.

Bo'sun drew out the one on top, and said, "This one is my favorite. It's my only left hand of all the hands I've taken over the years. I like to bring it out and make it dance." He tapped the table with the fingers of his left hand. "Dance, pretty hand. Dance!"

"Madre de Dios!" exclaimed the Spaniard, "I will tell you! I will tell you!"

"I know you will," Bo'sun smiled indulgently, "but I want you to put it in writing." He gestured towards the paper and inkwell at the right.

"Whatever you like. I will do as you ask..." The Spaniard reached for the fluttering quill, grabbing it in his left hand and beginning to draw the locations of the various troop and ship placements guarding San Juan.

He didn't see the glitter in Bo'sun's eye. Another left hand...


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