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Late Arrival

by Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: R    Pairing: Jack/Gibbs, Jack/Will, Will/Gibbs    Full Header


"He ain't comin', Jack." Gibbs leaned over to his captain, his voice a bit overloud, but still inaudible beyond their table, due to the noise of the tavern's other patrons.

"He said that he would," Jack insisted. "He's a man of his word."

"Aye, but you're not one to bandy words when there's action to be had, eh?"

"Action to be had? Whatever could you mean, Joshamee?" Sparrow smirked and twirled one corner of his mustache around a sultry finger.

"I could mean..." and Gibbs leaned into Jack's ear, to whisper certain possibilities. Then, he nibbled.

Eventually, Will found them.


Jack's half-lidded eyes flew wide, and he shook off Gibbs' attentions, hoping the gloom of the inn made it difficult to see just what had been going on in the shadows under the table. Clearing his throat, he called out, "William! We had nearly lost hope of your arrival. So good of you to stop by."

"I was detained."

"Well, now, we must have another round to celebrate the pleasure of your company! Barkeep! Three more here!"

"It seems to me that the pleasure may have begun before I even arrived, Jack."

Gibbs broke the tension with his booming laugh.


"What makes you say a daft thing like that, boy?" Gibbs asked, as jolly as a maid in maying.

"I'm not blind, old man." Will leaned forward over the table, shoulders taut with burning intensity. "I saw the look on Jack's face. I've seen it before, caused by myself. There's only one sort of activity that puts his expression like that."

Gibbs feigned nonchalance, saying, "Why in heaven's name would Jack have anything to do with the likes of me, if he's got a pretty lad like you fawning at his feet?"

Will grinned predatorily. "Exactly what I was wondering."

Jack stared as Will lunged forward to take Joshamee's whiskery mouth with his own, seeking and finding the response he had hoped for. After a moment of stunned silence, he cleared his throat and said, "Shall I leave you two alone, then?"

"NO," Will commanded. "You will go secure a room for me, the nicest one this hole has to offer. And you'll make sure the sheets are clean, yourself."

"Why should I?" Jack was taken aback by Will's sudden assertive manner. He had never behaved this way before.

"Because," Will whispered, "You're going to watch us do this, tonight."


Will's hands stroked down the barrel chest, as he lay below Joshamee on the bed. His tongue lapped at the salty hollow at the base of Gibbs' throat. The sound of their panting made Jack strangely uncomfortable. He squirmed in his chair.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather I just..." Jack rose to make his exit.

"Sit." Gibbs' terse order was almost drowned out by Turner's moan of pleasure, as Josh's spittle-slicked hand quested down into the blacksmith's unlaced breeches: sliding, seeking, soothing.

An indistinct mumble came, "I think I hear my mother calling me." No one paid any heed.


Josh's grunting reached a frenetic pace as Will's fervent stroking brought him over into intense crescendo. A moment later, Will keened his own release, deep inside Joshamee.

Jack rolled his eyes and sighed. He stood and gave a slow round of applause; five claps.

"That was marvelous. I believe you've made your point, gentlemen. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am afraid I..."

"No," Gibbs gave orders to his captain once again. "My turn to watch."

Will smiled like the devil; in his hands were crimson, silken ropes.

"You planned this, the both of you!"

"Aye, that we did, Jack."


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