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Newly Wed

by Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG-13    Pairing: Will/Elizabeth/Jack/James    Full Header


Jack Sparrow lay in the spacious featherbed, reveling in the luxury of clean linen. So nice. The crisp texture of the sun-dried fabric was an ecstasy not often experienced aboard ship. He had found himself spending more time with land beneath his arse than was his usual wont. However, the compensations were generous. Yes, he could see himself growing accustomed to the decadence of regular bathing opportunities, however surreptitious.

And the rum supply was rather significant, as well.

The first tiny streaks of dawn lightened the finely-wrought windowpanes to his left. The pale, grey view of the harbor was virtually unobstructed by ripples and imperfections in the glass. Maybe he could lift some of those, for re-glazing the Pearl. A twinge of hunger was not enough to bring him out of his blissful lassitude. Something tickled in his hair, but he didn't bother to scratch. Even the burning in his backside was merely a pleasant reminder of the waning night. Jack stretched, catlike, then rolled over towards his right. On the far side of his motion, his elbow thumped into flesh.

"Mind your trajectory," mumbled a sated James Norrington.

"Sorry, mate," Jack managed, and pulled back in the direction from which he had just arrived, only to connect elbow to rib there as well. "Not much room on the other side, neither."

"It's not as if I could move over any farther," protested Elizabeth. "The bloody bed's not nearly big enough for you hulking, huge fellows."

"I fail to recall hearing any complaints about size," Jack teased, and caressed the curve of bosom with a gentle fingertip, "until this very moment, darling."

"Aaah!" cried Elizabeth, batting away his hand. "No tickling! It's in the articles!"

"And what do the bloody articles have to say," Jack pointed out, "about those who commandeer more than their fair share of the bed's premises?"

"I wonder what my father-in-law will say," Will said, clearing his throat nervously, "when he hears I've commissioned a larger bed?"

"Aye, perhaps there'll be difficult questions to answer then." An evil grin lit Jack's face, and he rolled to his side carefully, and began slowly walking fingers up James' chest. "Perhaps he'd ask if it were big enough to add one more to our merry band?"

A shocked silence fell.

Elizabeth was the first to recover. "JACK!" She pelted him with the pillow that had cradled her head.

Not long after, the first of the servants stirred, and set about the tasks of preparing the Governor's Mansion for the bustle of the new day. Fresh tapers placed in the candelabra. Firewood lit beneath the coppers, for it was wash day once again, and the endless starching and ironing and folding of the sheets. Ever since the Governor's family had expanded by a son-in-law, the workload of the laundry maids had increased dramatically. The staff of the scullery too, found the breakfast trays increasingly denuded of victuals, no matter how heavily they were burdened with provender. The bride and groom were in their pursuit of consumation of their union.

But none felt it wise to intrude on the muffled thumpings and groanings, emanating from the northern wing where the Governor's daughter and her husband resided. Perhaps all that food was going to growing an heir for the Governor. Allowances should be made.

After all, they were only newly wed.


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