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Some Compensations

by Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC   Rating: PG    Pairing: Sea/Jack/Black Pearl, Anamaria/Will?    Full Header


She loves the Pearl; the Pearl loves her. She refits this grand old lady with fresh white sails and clean timbers to patch her hull and polishes her brass with care and emotion. Her first double-masted command. The joy of it trembles up inside her, shakes her to her core, like the shudder of a completion with a man ashore.

But the Sea and the Ship call to her, tell her to turn the prow toward dangerous waters.

Jack..., they whisper to her. We need you to extricate Jack...redeem him...retrieve him...regain him for us...for all three of us.

She's not a fool, nor does she suffer fools lightly. She knows that Jack will never belong to any, but his Sea and his Pearl of great price. But she's fond of these two old biddies, plans to spend quite a bit of time with each of them, with both of them, in the years ahead.

She does as they demand, knowing that though they have couched it as a request, she'll not last long at the helm if she thwarts their united will.


Perhaps... perhaps that pretty lad would follow Jack's will-o-the-wisp, back to the Sea, back to my own berth here, if'n I humor these fine old wenches,
Anamaria thinks.

Aye, there might be some compensations, at that.


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