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Three Truths and a Lie

by Linaelyn


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG    Pairing: Gibbs/OFC, Gibbs/Cotton    Full Header   (four prompts from fanfic100)


084. He:
Aye, it's true. I love Jack Sparrow. Best captain a man e'er had. Leastwise, when he's daft and brilliant, and not just daft. Jack's not a melancholy man, nor is he one to dwell too overlong on the practicalities of a situation. I'm precisely the breed of first mate he requires.

Sparrow can make a crew steer against weather with just a glint of a smile and a hint of great reward. I'm the one what makes sure there's not so much sail aloft that we're likely to snap a yardarm.

I love Captain Jack Sparrow for needing me so.

021. Friends:
Aye, I s'pose you might say I love the crew of the Black Pearl. Some more'n others, as with any gathering of worthy hands before the mast. There's not one of them I'd not trust in a pinch, but they're worthy pirates. They're none of them handsome, but handsome is as handsome does, and beauty's in the eye of the beholder, or the beheld, or the one what gets held by which one, if you take my meaning. There's this thing, see, that Cotton can do with his left hand while his right is... oh.

Well, never you mind then.

085. She:
The Pearl? She's a right enough ship. But love? Nay, there's only one woman has ever held my heart, and her coppery curls still shine bright in my memory. Her eyes would light when I brought her a posy of the hedge-roses that grew 'round the back gate at the public house. We were to be married, you know. Aye, I was once a comely lad without garish whiskers and fearsome piratical aspect; even a lovely lass might look upon me without too much revulsion.

I've no great love for sailing ships -- they took me away from my Jenny-bird.

094. Independence:
I have no love for the Sea. She's a fickle whore and she'll kill you soon as look at you. She's got the bones of many an honest sailor in her belly, and she's always hungering for more. She's got moods, moods like a woman bearing child, but none of a mother's tenderness save to lull you into a foolish trust.

She's a beauty, though; a terrible, enticing, dangerous beauty. I'd leave the Sea and never come back to the surging waves again, had I a single useful trade as a landsman.

I wish I'd never sailed on the Sea.



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