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Birds of Prey

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: Jack/Anamaria    Pairing: G    Full Header


"You know, you'd be half pretty if you weren't scowlin' all the time, darling."

She glares.  She won't be told what to do by the likes of him.  Won't simper and play the coquette like her maman.

These English men, they think they can make her biddable.  "How would you like to make a little money?" they say, speaking slowly, as if she were a halfwit.  "Do you speak English?"  And the French are no better.  "Parlez vous franšais?" they say, but it's all the same.  She's not a man and she's not the right color (never mind that all women look the same in the dark).  They think she's something exotic and showy, like a peacock.  But she is a raptor and will not be tamed.

Pretty Jack Sparrow cocks his head and scrutinizes her, a lazy smile flitting across his lips.  "No, the scowl suits you.  Pretty is as pretty does, right, sweetheart?"

She's going to regret it.  She knows it long before he steals her boat and clips her wings.  But it's almost worth it, for the moment when he seems to see her for who she truly is, and want her for it, just the same.


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