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Christmas in the Caribbean

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Jack/Will/Elizabeth    Full Header      Triangulation, part 2



Elizabeth floated on her back, her hair streaming out around her. It had been too long since she'd bathed in fresh water, and it was wonderful to wash the salt off her skin and to feel truly clean. It was wonderful, but it wasn't very Christmas-y.

"Will, do you ever miss Christmas in England?"

He perched on a rock and considered the cloudless blue sky, the lush, green landscape and the pretty little waterfall that trickled into the stream. "No."

"Really, Will? Don't you miss the cold weather? I've lived here nearly thirteen years, and it still doesn't feel like Christmas without snow."

Jack made a deprecating noise and shook his wet hair, sending droplets flying. "Snow? Who wants snow? Cold, nasty stuff."

Elizabeth turned on Jack and said, "Have you even been to England? Have you ever seen snow?"

"It's been a lot longer than thirteen years for me, but I can't say as I miss it much. I'll take white sand over snow any day."

Will nodded. "I've never been much for cold. Anyway, my mother and I didn't do much to celebrate Christmas in England. The Christmases I remember are the ones in Port Royal - every year you brought me a basket of sweets."

She threw up her hands in mock exasperation. "You're both hopeless. At least we'll have goose tonight."

"Aye, and rum punch. Can't get more Christmas-y than that."

Leaving Jack and Will splashing in the water, Elizabeth spread out on a large flat rock to dry in the sun, savoring the warmth soaking into her bones after the chill of the water. They should get back to the Pearl, she thought. If they were going to meet Anamaria on Boxing Day, they'd need to sail soon. But she was warm and comfortable and soon her eyes were drifting shut. She was almost asleep when she felt water dripping on her and smelled the wet animal smell of Jack's damp hair. Then a tongue was swirling around her fingers and hands were running wantonly over her body, tracing the curve of her waist and the swell of her hips.

"Stop!" Elizabeth squirmed away breathlessly from the two men. "We need to get back to the ship. Everyone's waiting on us and-"

"Let 'em wait," Jack growled into her neck. Beaded braids tickled her shoulders and left a trail of water as Jack nipped and licked his way down to her breasts and flicked his tongue over her nipple teasingly. Meanwhile, Will was working his way up from her feet, lavishing wet kisses on the backs of her knees and up her thighs, but carefully avoiding the place she most wanted his mouth.

"Can't leave without the captain." Will pulled Jack's head close to his own, and stole a quick kiss, nibbling on his lower lip.

"I've just bathed and now I'm getting all, oh. . .sandy." Will grinned at her response, and did something delightfully sinful with his fingers. Elizabeth arched up into his touch, her protests abandoned.

The rush of running water and the heat of the sun had a soothing, enervating effect. It was too much effort to move, to resist the cajoling voice in her ear, begging her to spread her legs, to let him inside. She closed her eyes and felt Will move inside her, setting a slow, steady pace that suited the lethargy she was feeling.

Jack was behind Will, and whatever he was doing with his hands and mouth was making Will whine and thrust harder.

"Easy, love, nice and slow." Jack dipped his fingers into her, sliding them around Will's cock, and used her wetness to slick himself up. Then she felt the added momentum of Jack's body thrusting into Will's, pushing Will further into her. He kissed her over Will's shoulder, and the three of them rocked together gently, as if they had all the time in the world.

Will went first, tensing and shouting, free for once to be as loud as he liked. She cradled him against her body while Jack sped up and brought himself off, and then the two men nestled on either side of her, using hands and mouths to bring her to a slow, sweet climax. Afterwards, none of them had the energy to move and they stayed snuggled together until the setting sun brought on the cool of night.

"Well, that certainly beats figgy pudding," Jack said with some satisfaction, as the three of them rolled apart and scrambled for their clothes. "It's right up there with hot buttered rum."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and swatted Jack with his hat, but she couldn't help but agree that some things were much better than snow for Christmas.


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