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Early Christmas Morn

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG-13    Pairing: Jack/Will/Elizabeth    Full Header


Will awoke to the clamor of bells and a spicy, fermented scent rising up from the sun-flecked sheets.  It took him a moment to remember the innkeeper's wassail, a great deal of which had ended up in the bed during the previous night's carousing.  Of course, it was Christmas morning!  Nothing like the previous ones Will had celebrated, although Jack did produce some fat oranges, which he juggled showily before presenting them to Will and Elizabeth.

Jack consumed his orange with alacrity then fidgeted while Will and Elizabeth savored theirs.  Finally he cried, "Where's my Christmas kiss then?" nudging Will with his bare foot. 

Will grinned around an orange segment and held up a finger to indicate that Jack should be patient.  Elizabeth placidly continued licking orange juice from her fingers. 

"In that case. . ."  Jack located his coat, hanging from the headboard, and from a pocket produced a sprig of mistletoe.  Looking in vain for somewhere to hang it, he twisted his shoulders wryly and wound it in his hair, then reclined back with a smug smile.

Elizabeth and Will shared a look of amused resignation and launched themselves at Jack.  In short order, they were licking and sucking the sticky orange juice from his, and each other's, mouths.

Distracted by subsequent explorations, they completely forgot about the greenery Jack had stuck in his hair, and there it remained, until they returned to the Black Pearl, when Anamaria picked it out with a contemptuous roll of her eyes.


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