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Foolishness, Chicanery and Disguise: An Arabian Fantasy

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Jack/Wll    Full Header


Jack finished tying up his camel for the night and gave it one last disgruntled look before heading into the cave. "Ships of the desert, my arse!"

Will made sure his own knot was fast and followed Jack into the cave, pulling his dusty headdress off. "This is all your fault, you know."

"There's no way I could've known that those corsairs would believe that you were a eunuch!" Jack grinned speculatively. "I bet the ladies of the caliph's harem were surprised to find you intact." Changing tactics when Will chose to ignore this salvo, Jack sidled up to Will ingratiatingly, "Besides, I did rescue you."

"In your own good time!"

One hand slid down the front of Will's robe. "You are still intact, aren't you?"

"Yes!" Still angry at the predicament Jack's careless jest had gotten him into, Will pushed him away. "Which is more than I can say for your beard!"

Jack rubbed the scrubby growth on his chin defensively. "It's coming back. I warrant I'll have a full beard again before we meet up with the Pearl." As if to prove his point, he nuzzled his chin against Will's neck, tickling the sensitive skin and sending shivers down his spine.

Distractedly, Will said, "You looked completely ridiculous in that get-up, you know. Anyone could see that you were a man." Somehow his hands had wound themselves around Jack's waist, pulling him in closer. He reminded himself that he was angry with Jack, but that didn't seem to carry much weight in the face of this onslaught.

Jack stopped nibbling on Will's ear long enough to say, "They had no idea!" Busy hands pushed aside the blasted robe as Jack sank to his knees, rubbing his rough, stubbled face against the insides of Will's thighs. Looking up at Will enticingly, Jack added, "I think I make a very pretty dancing girl. . ."

The memory of Jack in silks and swirling scarves, dark eyes laughing above the flimsy veil, was enough to drive every other thought out of Will's mind. It was only later that Will recalled his anger. "No more eunuch jokes."

Jack squirmed beneath Will, trying in vain to thrust his hips upward.

Will leaned forward, using his full weight to hold Jack still. "Promise me!"

"Of course, anything you say, love. . .Never again, I promise. . ." He gasped the last word out, as Will lifted himself up and then sank back down onto Jack's cock.

"You'd best honor that, Jack, because if you get me in another mess like this one, you'll be the one singing castrato, savvy?"


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