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An Honourable Estate

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: PG-13    Pairing: Jack/Will/Elizabeth    Full Header


In her yellow gown, with the gossamer veil floating behind her, Elizabeth looked like an angel. Sunlight poured in through the rose window at the back of the church, staining her dress with patches of red and blue, and to Will, it seemed as if she belonged in the window, and not at his side, repeating the vows in her clear, strong voice.

Slipping the ring onto her finger, Will spied a flash of gold and black in the gallery -- a devil to complement his angel – and in this crowd of Elizabeth’s friends and family, it did Will’s heart good to see Jack standing up for him, even if it had to be done in secret.

If only. . .But that was behind Will now. He’d made his choice and at least Jack seemed disinclined to hold a grudge. He grinned and winked when Will kissed Elizabeth, and his lack of jealousy almost stung.

The wedding breakfast was extravagant and the champagne was surprisingly potent. Somehow morning turned to afternoon and Will was still shaking hands and saying, “It’s so nice to meet you,” and “Thank you for coming.” His mind kept wandering back to Jack, wondering how he fared and hoping that he wouldn’t disappear before they could catch up. He chided himself for thinking of Jack so much on his wedding day and reminded himself that he should be focused on Elizabeth. Elizabeth, however, seemed to have vanished.

After a futile search through Government House, Will decided that Elizabeth too must have seen Jack, and had returned to the church to find him.

At first glance the church seemed to be deserted, but when Will turned the corner to the Lady chapel, he saw them, illuminated by the late afternoon light filtering through the narrow transept windows. In his dark coat, Jack nearly faded into the shadows, but Elizabeth’s gown glowed like burnished gold. Her veil was disarrayed, caught in Jack’s hand like a net.

He was whispering something to Elizabeth, his face bright and intent; she listened with wide, shining eyes and parted lips. Jack’s fingers were curved around her shoulder, and, as Will watched, his thumb dipped into her bodice, slaying Will’s hope that he’d misunderstood the situation. Was this Jack’s idea of revenge? Or had they always preferred one another to Will? He cursed himself for a fool. What woman would want Will Turner, journeyman blacksmith and sometime pirate, when she could have Captain Jack Sparrow? What man would want Will when he could have Elizabeth?

Jack licked his lips and Will knew with sickening certainty that he was about to kiss Elizabeth. He gasped then, breaking the hypnotic spell that Jack had been weaving. Jack and Elizabeth turned their eyes to Will and smiled. Elizabeth’s innocent expression was like a knife to Will’s heart. How could someone so deceitful appear so pure?

“Will! You’re just in time.” Without moving, she held out her arm, and Will was powerless to resist the invitation.

Jack clapped Will on the back, and refused to let him step away. “It’s not what you think, mate. Or, at least—“

Elizabeth’s voice was low and eager. “Jack’s been educating me.”

“So I see.” It was impossible to keep the sneer out of his voice.

She shook her head impatiently, and motes of dust flew into the air like flecks of gold. “No, no, you’ve got it all wrong.” She clasped his hands and met his eyes candidly, and God help him, Will couldn’t help but trust her, in spite of what he’d witnessed. “I’m not a fool, Will. I know what goes on at sea. I know. . .about you and Jack.”

Will flushed and tried to stutter out an excuse, but she placed her fingers to his lips.

“Listen! I know that you love me. Truly I do. And I love you with all my heart.” She grinned fiercely. “I’ll not let you go. But neither would I stand between you and Jack.”

Jack chuckled and she cut her eyes at him. “Metaphorically, I mean.”

Will blinked in confusion. He felt like he was missing something very important. “But. . .”

“It doesn’t have to be one or the other,” Jack explained, his breath hot against Will’s ear.

How had he come to be so close? With a start, Will realized that the three of them were standing in a tight circle, their heads leaned together in the hushed twilight.

Elizabeth kissed him, sweetly and slowly, and then Jack’s mouth was on Will as well, and they were trading kisses indiscriminately. The smell of candles and incense hung in the air, and Will’s head was spinning.

He pulled away, repeating, “But. . .Why. . .What. . .”

Elizabeth sighed. “Have you stopped wanting Jack, just because you’ve married me?”

“No!” It came out more emphatically than he’d intended and Jack smirked.

“No more do I want Jack instead of you. I want you both.” Her expression was every bit as wicked as Jack’s and Will was already lost, already succumbing to whatever debauchery they’d planned. “Preferably at the same time.”


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