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Learning the Ropes

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: NC-17    Pairing: Jack/Will    Full Header


After their escape, one of the first things Jack teaches Will is how to find all the Pearl's lines in the dark. Jack runs Will through them all over and over again, first in daylight, then in the dark, and finally blindfolded in the dead of night. When Will's found his way across the ship using touch and smell and hearing, locating every line by instinct, Jack catches him (still blindfolded) and presses him against the mainmast, kissing him insistently.

Will is startled, but not entirely surprised; he's recognized the hunger in Jack's gaze. And he can't deny that he's desperate for this sort of attention. He misses Elizabeth, but more than that, he's lonely, and longs for a kind touch, for anyone's warm lips on his own. And perhaps he's wanted this exact thing without realizing it - Jack's rough hands holding him still, tearing at his clothes and tying him to the shrouds; Jack's voice muttering the lewdest things imaginable in his ear, telling him exactly what he's going to do to him, every word illustrated with the most persuasive touch, every reaction marked and provoked again.

The world is reduced to panting breath on damp skin, Jack's thumb dragging back and forth across the curve of Will's bottom lip, the musty smell of Jack's hair. The blindfold cuts into Will's eyelids, splashing bright lights across his darkened vision. He can't see a thing; for all he knows this scene is being played out for the benefit of the entire crew.

This humiliating thought shouldn't make Will buck into the wet heat surrounding him, shouldn't lead him to spread his legs further for the finger that's pressing inside him.

Everything about this is sinful and indecent and Will can't decide which is worse - the way Jack is manhandling him, or how desperately Will wants it. He strains against the ropes, barely noticing the way they chafe and tear his skin. Half-formed objections die on his lips and turn to pleading moans - "more. . .harder. . .please!" - then degenerate into frantic whimpering. Finally, Will sags into his bonds, knees buckling from the force of his climax.

Jack licks him clean, and then the knots are loosened and Will falls to his knees, fumbling blindly for the buttons on Jack's breeches. Before he can change his mind, Jack's thrusting into his mouth, hard and fast, and Will almost gags. Jack eases up, allows Will to set the pace, and Will discovers that if he lets his jaw go slack, he can take more of him in his mouth. Jack's strangled cries are enough to make Will's cock stand at attention once more; then he says "Will," and his voice cracks, and Will is very nearly undone. Hands clench in Will's hair, and Jack stiffens, pulling back. Sticky warmth splashes onto Will's face.

Jack pulls off Will's blindfold. "Aye, you'll do." His tone is bland, but the satisfied gleam in his eye leaves no mistake as to his meaning.


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