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A Taste of Things to Come

by Melusina


Fandom: PoTC    Rating: G    Pairing: Norrington/Anamaria    Full Header


"Aye, I might have information regarding Jack Sparrow. . ."

The lamp flared, illuminating the pirate's face, and James realized that, in spite of the breeches and loose coat, his informant was a woman.

She chuckled at his discomfiture and James made an effort to reclaim his dignity. "What price for this information?"

"You're a pretty man, Commodore, and my pockets are full tonight." She grinned slyly. "I'll tell you where I last saw Sparrow, if you give me a kiss."

It was a mocking, ridiculous request, but James was just drunk enough to consider it. Beneath the battered hat, she had a young, pretty face. He shrugged and leaned across the table, touching his mouth to hers.

She gripped his shoulders tightly and her tongue darted between his lips. She didn't kiss like a woman; she was fierce and demanding, and there was an unexpected heat between them.

Sharp teeth nipped at his bottom lip, and then it was over, and she was leaning back on the bench with the satisfied demeanor of one who's confirmed a theory. "He was in here a week ago, recruiting. Word is, he's headed out in search of Barbary gold."

Fighting to control his racing heart, James asked, "What's your name?"

"Anamaria. My ship's the Bruja. She stood and tipped her hat low on her face. "When you get tired of chasing after Sparrow, you come looking for me, Navy man. We'll see what's left when the vengeance is burnt out of you


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