Meta    [Greek, from meta, beside, after.]
In fandom, it means, essentially, material that is ABOUT fanfic or fandom, rather than the fanfic itself.

Meta by Melusina:

Ficathons - a How-To Guide
How to Succeed in Fandom Without Really Trying
Human Sexuality 101 and Slash Fanfiction
In Defense of Fanfiction
Jack/Will/Elizabeth - A Surfeit of Riches
Literary Hierarchies and Fanfiction
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Canon and Fanon
Revolutions Sometimes Go Backwards: Anachronism and Historical Accuracy in Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic
Shipper Wars Rant
Some Thoughts on Polyfic
When Worlds Collide
Why I Write Fanfiction
Working Definition of Fanfiction, A

Meta by Stowaway

The Complicated Mister Norrington - and idol reflection

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