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Fandom: PoTC AU    Rating: G to NC-17     Pairings:  (see full header)   


Allegiance is a novel-length AU (alternate universe) Pirates of the Caribbean tale. It opens where the first movie does - on the crossing from England - and explores how the lives of the main characters (Will, Elizabeth, Jack Sparrow and Commodore Norrington) would have been changed if Barbossa had captured Will when the Black Pearl attacked that merchant vessel and raised him to be a pirate.

Table of Contents

1 Prologue.  At sea, east of the Leeward Islands
2 One year later, in Port Royal
3 Five years later; Speightstown, Barbados
4 One year later in Port Royal.   Elizabeth's wedding ball
5 Somewhere at sea
6 The Windward Passage, aboard the 24-gun brig Lazarus
7 Tortuga, Six weeks later
8 Grenada, several weeks later
9 Port Royal, a few days later
10 Tortuga, a few days later
11 Off Lacre Punt, Bonaire, nine days later
12 Isla de Muerta, a few days later
13 The Windward Passage, 1 month later
14 Port Royal, four days later
15 En Route to George Town
16 Battle
17 Aboard the Vengeance, at Sea
18 Port Royal, four days later
19 At the Blue Turtle inn, George Town, four days after, and then at sea
20 Aboard the Black Pearl
21 At Sea, West of Montego Bay
22 George Town, Grand Cayman

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