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07 April 2007

Fics by  Melusina this time.

A Gift in Secret
As in the Tales of Old
How Many Miles to Babylon?
Lunar Navigation

Meta by Stowaway, originally posted at

The Complicated Mister Norrington

And the Pirate Mood Ring has been archived her on the site at last!

The Pirate Mood Ring
(all the drabbles in alphabetical order)

A table of links
(for navigating to individual drabbles)



02 January 2007

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this year-end wrap-up:

First and foremost, the four of us collaborated on The Pirate Mood Ring, a drabble series written using the 132 LiveJournal moods as prompts. Here is a table of links to individual drabbles.

Next, two new pieces by Linaelyn:

Insomnia (drabble)
Three Truths and a Lie (drabble series)

Then, four new ones by Melusina:

Extreme Unction
Paid in Blood
A Taste of Things to Come

Last, Stowaway has one new drabble:

Full (Mood Ring alternate version)



29 July 2006

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this update:

First,  by Dove:

Days Like These

Next,  by Linaelyn:

Bonus Material
Late Arrival
No Sense in Remembering
Pity and Scorn
Tang and Tangibility (drabble)
Red (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Yellow (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Green (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Blue (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Purple (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Black (drabble) (fanfic 100)
White (drabble) (fanfic 100)
Colourless (drabble) (fanfic 100)

Then,  by Melusina:

A Friendly Wager
A Most Sartorial Scheme
All Roads to the River
An Honourable Estate
Dignity and Proportion
Foolishness, Chicanery and Disguise: An Arabian Fantasy
Stolen Waters
The Geography of Longing

Last, Stowaway has one new story:

Telling Tales



27 March 2006

Just one story in this update: Squaring Accounts,  by Melusina

This is the latest in her Triangulation Series.


28 December 2005

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this year-end wrap-up:

First, four drabbles by Dove:

Comfort (drabble)
Fancy That (drabble)
Maybe (drabble)
What's in a Name (drabble)

Next, three new pieces by Linaelyn:

Can't Blame a Feller (ficlet)
Feet of Clay (double drabble)
I Told You So

Then, two new ones by Melusina:

All at Sea
An Awkward Situation (ficlet)

And Melusina and Stowaway have been collaborating again:

Paying the Piper

Last, Stowaway has one new story:




31 October 2005

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this latest update:

First, a ficlet by Dove,
who's writing Will for the fanfic100 challenge:

Fixed (drabble)

Next, eight new pieces by Linaelyn,
who is writing Gibbs for the fanfic100 challenge:

Desolation Island
Freedom and Security
God's Truth (drabble)
The Hare (drabble)
The Language of Flowers (drabble)
Sint Maarten
Why Not? (drabble)

Then, eight new ones by Melusina:

Amende Honorable
By Hook or by Crook
Courtly Love (drabble)
Equinox (drabble)
A Season in Purgatory
The Shadow of a Shadow (ficlet)

And last, Stowaway has one new story:

Black Silk



10 September 2005

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this latest update:

First, four drabbles and a story by Dove:

Aesthete (drabble)
Charmed (drabble)
Dutiful (drabble)
Frost Maiden (drabble)
Laying the Blame

Next, fourteen new pieces by Linaelyn:

Grain of Sand
Hands of a Pirate (drabble/ficlet)
Mascot (drabble/ficlet)
Never Said (drabble/ficlet)
On the Beach (drabble/ficlet)
Sea Gown
Seeking Wisdom
Serving the Sentence
Small Comforts
Trust Me

Then, three stories and seven drabbles and ficlets by Melusina:

An Inauspicious Beginning (drabble/ficlet)
Dreams of Flight (drabble)
Feed a Fever
The Hat Makes the Man (drabble)
It Cuts Both Ways
Moloch (drabble)
Recipe for Disaster
Stratagems for Desperate Situations (drabble)
Windfall (ficlet)
World Enough and Thyme (triple drabble)

And last, Stowaway has 2 new bits of the Sparrington Arc, plus 2 more stories:

Acting-Commodore Groves

At Loose Ends



20 April 2005

Fics by Dove, Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this latest update:

First, a set of seven drabbles by Dove:

Seven Kiss Drabbles

Next, a double-drabble by Linaelyn:

Sea Road

Then, three stories, three drabbles and a series of ficlets-by-request by Melusina:

Blood Will Tell
Commiseration (drabble)
Making Amends (drabble)
Vendetta (drabble)
Request Ficlets

And last, Stowaway's new pieces of her Sparrington Arc are here:

Blame It On The Moon


  27 March 2005

Big news!  *sound of fanfare - trumpets and drums*

 Dove has joined our merry band. You may already know her from her wonderful PoTC fic, which is now all housed here at Cultural Infidelities.  If not, may we suggest you click and check it out? You won't be disappointed.


16 January 2005

Fics by Linaelyn, Melusina and Stowaway in this latest update:

First, ten fics from Linaelyn:

Rain (written with Dove)
PoTC Crossovers:
So Little Sense
Rum and Whiskers
Jack Sparrow in a Strange Land
Shrek (drabble)
Girls' Night Out
Paris, Patriarch of Troy
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
The Prophecy
Sodom and Gomorrah

Then, a ficlet and two drabbles by Melusina:

Early Christmas Morn
Sartorial Matters

And last, Stowaway's new piece of the Sparrington Arc is here:



  13 November 2004

Lots of new stuff from Linaelyn this time. Fourteen stories and drabbles:

Two more of her Gibbs Arc:
In Stitches
Another in the Will/Groves series:
Even More Rum
And these:
Three Drabbles and Morning
Mad World
Some Compensations
A New Art
Hurt Comfort Challenge Drabbles
Consolation (Tertiary Character Ficathon)
A Sailor Worth His Salt
  7 November 2004

Lots of new stuff from Melusina, fic and meta:

First, Melusina's fic:

Three more of her Interludes Series:
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?
A Madness Most Discreet
And these:
Birds of Prey
The Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible
Desperate Measures

And six essays by Melusina in Meta:

Ficathons - a How-To Guide
Jack/Will/Elizabeth - A Surfeit of Riches
Revolutions Sometimes Go Backwards: Anachronism and Historical Accuracy in Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic
Shipper Wars Rant
Some Thoughts on Polyfic
Working Definition of Fanfiction, A




31 July 2004

Lots of updating today:  Fics by Linaelyn and Melusina, plus new meta!

Six more fics by Linaelyn:

Five more of her Gibbs Series:
The Letters of J. Gibbs: Able Seaman
A Certain Caribbean Détente
Off by a Day
Wild Thing
And another installment of the OT4:
Even More Newly Wed

Twelve fics by Melusina:

All Roads Lead to Home, All Rivers Lead to the Sea
An Unexpected Guest
In the Small Hours of the Night
Role Reversal
Sauce for the Goose
Second Chances
Sufficient Unto the Day
Terra Cognita
and 3 of her J/W/E series:
Learning the Ropes
You and Me and the Devil Makes Three
The Devil's Workshop

And six essays by Melusina in Meta:

How to Succeed in Fandom Without Really Trying
In Defense of Fanfiction
Literary Hierarchies and Fanfiction
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Canon and Fanon
When Worlds Collide
Why I Write Fanfiction